Spiralite® ductwork is patented product that has been manufactured and installed since 2006, first in the UK and then in many global markets, most recently by Khansaheb Industries (KIS) in the UAE.  During that time, the product development team has added extensive experience in CAD/CAM manufacturing, ductwork fabrication and installation and the manufacture and
installation of HVAC insulation products.

The two core materials from which Spiralite® is fabricated have both been used extensively in the industry for more than two decades and they are supported for use in the Spiralite® system by the material manufacturers.

Flat oval availability and connection/transformation to other shapes

We have a full range of flat oval ducts and fittings that are fabricated in the same way as the circular Spiralite® ductwork, using the same board and the continuous internal laminate. This gives Spiralite® flat oval ductwork the same qualities as Spiralite® circular ductwork with vastly enhanced airflow and air retention efficiencies.

Connections or transformations from flat oval to round and square ductwork (for AHU connections etc.), and visa versa, are also manufactured and supplied by us. These are done by either reducers/expanders incorporating a change in shape or a box join connecting one shape to another using spigots or doby flanges.

The Material

Kingspan KoolDuct® panels are used in the manufacture of Spiralite. The insulation panel is cut in such a way as to allow it to be formed into a complete circular duct and sealed with a heavy duty reinforced foil tape. The internal surface is lined using a 3 ply aluminium foil based laminate sealed onto itself which results in a light yet extremely strong and fully airtight pre-insulated duct system.