Green Initiative

Imagine a business with the following 4 commitments:​

  • Developing and manufacturing products that have a significantly reduced carbon footprint and generate meaningful energy savings
  • A locally employed workforce
  • A focus on local spend via an internal supply chain
  • A reduced carbon footprint due to reduced travelling distances for its fleet, energy saving initiatives and virtually zero factory waste

EcoDuct imagined this and is turning that vision into reality with our Green Initiative – our commitment to helping the environment and our surrounding communities.

We achieve this by focusing our services throughout the North West and thinking locally about a global problem.

Below we have outlined the five core areas we are currently focusing on for continued development, in conjunction with our Green Initiative:

  • Maintaining awareness of renewable and sustainable technologies through accredited training courses.
  • Helping and supporting local causes and charities within our communities.
  • Consideration of LCA – the Life Cycle Assessment of the products and services we procure and provide.
  • Alternative fuel sources or modes of transport for our company vehicles and staff.
  • The wellbeing and mindfulness of our workforce.

Through developing and implementing the above core areas, we are proactively creating a sustainable business where profitability, concern for the environment, social commitment and reducing any negative environmental impact are in harmony.